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Do you know how many potential pet poisons lurk in your home? Pets are curious creatures and often find themselves in contact with harmful toxins.

Today’s pet owners have a one big question, how do I help my pet live a long, healthy life? In this month’s blog, River Mill Animal Hospital provides the answers to prolonging your pet’s life by following these helpful tips.

If a natural disaster strikes would you know how to protect your pet? As the Florida summer approaches so does the threat of hurricanes, tropical storms, and even daily severe thunderstorms.

It’s that time of year again; 105-degree heat indexes and finding ways to stay cool during the Florida summer. Unfortunately, our pets cannot complain about the sizzling heat and rely on us keep them cool. Therefore, our Tampa Bay veterinarian has a few tips to help keep your pets refreshed and safe this sizzling summer!

Did you know fleas have been responsible for some of the worst disease out breaks in the world? These tiny, flightless bugs thrive in warm humid conditions and lucky for us we live in Florida where its humid and warm just about all year long.

Do the summer storms have your pets on edge? Thunderstorm phobia is a common disorder amongst our furry family members. Our Tampa Bay veterinarian has a few tips on recognizing fear, what not to do, and treatment techniques to help your pet through this loud time of year.

On September 28th, it is World Rabies Day. River Mill Animal Hospital would like to remind pet owners that rabies is a real threat to our beloved family pets.

As pet owners, we love showing our four-legged friends how much we care by indulging them with treats. Did you know you could be killing them with kindness? According to the Association of Obesity nearly 58% of dogs and 54% of cats are overweight.

Did you know November is National Diabetes Awareness month? In 2015, a study showed 32% of the US canine population and 16% of the feline population was diagnosed with diabetes.

The holidays are a special time to spend with the ones you love most and celebrate family traditions. This year why not include your pets in the traditional fun. Here are a few ideas to make the most of the holidays with the entire family.

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