Poison Awareness Month

Poison Awareness Month

Poison Awareness Month

Poison Awareness Month

Poison Awareness Month

Do you know how many potential pet poisons lurk in your home? Pets are curious creatures and often find themselves in contact with harmful toxins. Below our Tampa Bay Veterinarian shows us room by room the most common household poisons for your pet to avoid.

Living Room:

  • Live Plants: Some common household plants are toxic to all pets. Lilies and Poinsettias, in particular, a single leaf can be fatal to a cat.

  • Fragrances: Liquid potpourri warmers can cause burns to the skin and the intestinal tract if ingested. Aerosol fragrance sprays can also cause respiratory distress if inhaled.

  • Batteries and Electronics: Dogs enjoy chewing on battery-operated devices such as phones and remote controls. If ingested they can cause severe chemical burns to the body's internal organs.

  • Purses and Backpacks: These items often contain medications, cigarettes, pens, and gum all of which are harmful to your pet.


  • Human Foods: The most common toxic foods are chocolate, grapes, macadamia nuts, onions, garlic, and alcohol. In fact, you should avoid all human foods to avoid stomach upset and unwanted veterinary visits.

  • Garbage Cans: Keep garbage cans behind closed doors. Trash and compost bins may contain spoiled foods, coffee grounds, and cigarette butts.


  • Medications: Do not leave medications easily accessible to nosey noses. Each medication can cause a variety of symptoms from vomiting and diarrhea to immediate cardiac arrest and death.

  • Cleaners: While using harsh chemical cleaners keep your pet in another room. Toilets should be flushed thoroughly and lids closed to ensure your pet does not drink contaminated water.

Utility Room & Garage:

  • Landscaping Chemicals: Keep insecticides, pesticides and rodent baits in locked cabinets. These products contain a sweet attractive smell. Keep your pet away from treated areas until they are dry.

  • Adhesives: Keep glue and adhesives out of reach. Did you know one ounce of Gorilla Glue can expand to the size of a basketball? A pet would require emergency surgery to have it removed.

  • Automotive Supplies: Antifreeze, windshield and brake cleaners typically have a sweet taste making them appealing to pets. Clean any spills immediately and dilute with several gallons of water.

From the living room to the garage we hope our room by room guide brought attention to household poisons you may not have known existed. The staff at River Mill Animal Hospital wants to help create a safe and worry-free environment for you and your furry family members. If you have any questions regarding pet poisons or you believe your pet may have been in contact with a poison please contact us at (813) 501-4985.

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