PetDesk Moblie App

PetDesk Moblie App

PetDesk Moblie App

PetDesk Moblie App

Have you heard? River Mill Animal Hospital now has an app called PetDesk! Our entire practice is very excited to bring this modern technology to your mobile device. The app is designed to make a pet parent’s life easier by solving solutions to their most common problems. Have you encountered any of these issues?

  • It’s 5:30pm and realized you need to schedule appointment and the office is closed. Luckily with PetDesk this is not a problem. Owners can request an appointment at their convenience 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

  • Did you forget your vaccine history at home on the way to the kennel on Sunday? Simple fix pull up your pet’s vaccination history on your app. From here you can view and send via email to any boarding facility or groomer.

  • Picking up the phone while at work may be difficult but knowing your pet is safe at the hospital is very important. PetDesk allows owners to receive update and pickup notifications through the app about their companion during a hospital stay.

  • Many owner’s find themselves asking, “When are my pet’s vaccines due again?” Friendly reminders from PetDesk will keep you up to date. Notifications for vaccinations, exams, and upcoming appointments are at your fingertips.

  • Are you notorious for forgetting to give medications or preventions on time? Never forget again by setting up reminders for all medications schedules, whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly.

  • Most owners prefer a one access point for their online needs. By downloading the app, you will receive direct access to everything River Mill such as our website, online pharmacy, and Facebook pages. 

Many of our owners are already using and loving the PetDesk app. Why should you miss out? To receive more information about our app and how to download, call our office today at 813-501-4985. After a few clicks your mobile app will be up and running. This will be your favorite app on your phone to date.


Download the PetDesk App

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