Pet Microchipping In Tampa

Pet Microchipping In Tampa

Pet Microchipping In Tampa

Pet Microchipping In Tampa

Pet Microchipping In Tampa

What if you lost your pet would you be able to google them? The Tampa Bay area is known for an active storm season. During this time many pets become separated from their owners, if they are not microchipped it is often difficult to reunite pet with owner. If your pet has a Save This Life microchip then you can use google to help find them. Let's explain how it works:

Each microchip number that is registered with Save This Life is searchable on Google. If someone finds a pet and Google's the microchip number, they can privately contact the pet owner through text or email. The pet owner will then receive a GPS map location of where the person who found their pet is located.

River Mill Animal Hospital, located in New Tampa is offering Save This Life microchips, for only $36.00. The low fee includes the microchip implantation and the life-time enrollment. When compared to other microchip companies yearly registration fees are needed to keep the pets information current and life time membership fees often start at $50.00 and does not include the cost of implantation.

Other benefits include:

  • Aluminum ID tag stamped with your pet's microchip number (not a flimsy plastic one).

  • Unlimited free updates for pet owner to keep contact information and pet photo current.

  • Coverage for up to $1,000 in emergency care with Lost Pet Medical Insurance for 1 year, with options to renew.

  • Registration in Save This Life's internationally searchable database and Immortal Pet database.

  • Each pet's Microchip I.D. number can be searched in popular sear engines like Google and the owner can be contacted by text or email, minimizing recovery time for a lost pet.

  • The owner's contact information is never visible to the public.

  • Lost Pet Alerts: Save This Life sends out lost pet alerts to local animal shelters within a 25 mile radius of a missing pet.

  • 24/7/365 Bilingual toll free live Save This Life operators assist you with lost or found pets.

Is your pet already microchipped? Are you unsure if they are registered with a pet recovery system? Even if your pet was not microchipped in Tampa, don't worry! Save This Life can transfer any existing microchip number to their database. Transfers are $19.99 and include the same benefits as a new enrollment. We simply scan your pet to verify the microchip number and complete the process for you.

Many shelters and rescue organizations in the Tampa Bay area are overrun with lost pets, some of these pets have microchips but the contact information to find the owner is either incomplete or out of date. Don't let this happen to you, please call River Mill Animal Hospital at (813) 501-4985 for more information and to schedule your appointment.

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