All Your Pet Needs Is Love

All Your Pet Needs Is Love

All Your Pet Needs Is Love

All Your Pet Needs Is Love

All Your Pet Needs Is Love

As Valentine's Day approaches this month River Mill Animal Hospital has ten reasons why your pet makes the perfect Valentine.


1. Pets do not talk, and will not complain about your dinner choice, how long the waiter took with your drinks, or if the movie you picked was boring. They are just happy to spend time with you.

2. Unfortunately, crating your significant other is frowned upon by law enforcement, however crating your pet when you're not home to prevent them from destroying the house is completely acceptable.

3. Date slobber is never appealing, however dog slobber is always adorable.

4. You will never have to share those Valentine's Day treats. Conveniently cakes, cookies, chocolates, and all festive sweets are toxic to pets. Therefore, there is more for you!

5. Pets have unconditional love and will not be disappointed if you do not wisp them off to Italy, look deeply into their eyes, and pop the question. In fact, prolonged stares simply make them uncomfortable. A good belly rub and your pet will be pleased.

6. When your pet follows you from room to room, we think "awe that's cute." If your date does this will be considered stalking and not good.

7. A suit and tie, or high heels are not required to impress your four legged love. Your pet does not care if you are presentable, much less if you have showered.

8. Have you ever been on a date where you needed someone to rescue you, so they send you an emergency text? Well, pets are loving, fun, and goofy why would you ever want to leave their side?

9. Pets make better snuggle buddies because they don't take all the blankets and are willing to share the bed.

10. Did we mention pets do not talk?

Whether Valentine's Day is one of your favorite holidays or not, we hope that the top 10 reasons your pet makes a fantastic Valentine, will fill your day with much love.

The staff at River Mill Animal Hospital wishes everyone a happy and loving Valentine's Day. If you any questions regarding your pet please call our office today at (813) 501-4985, our staff is here to serve you.

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