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Pet Obesity

As pet owners, we love showing our four-legged friends how much we care by indulging them with treats. Did you know you could be killing them with kindness? According to the Association of Obesity nearly 58% of dogs and 54% of cats are overweight. Before your pet’s weight becomes a serious health issues, our Tampa bay veterinarian has a few tips to keep your furry family member fit and trim.

  • Take a trip to the vet: Consulting with your veterinarian gives a better understanding on the ideal weight they should be and the proper calorie intake they require. Before leaving your visit schedule a follow-up weight check to monitor your progress.
  • Replace snacks: New toys, longer belly rubs, and extra playtime are all excellent non-calorie rewards.
  • Exercise time: A quick 15-minute walk with your dog daily not only helps with joint and cardiovascular health, but it also helps burn off unwanted calories. For your feline friend use a laser pointer to encourage exercise.
  • No table scraps: Feed your table scraps to the trash only. We know those sad eyes can be irresistible at times. However, the smallest amount of table scraps can not only cause weight gain but digestion problems as well.
  • Diet change: Proper nutrition is key. The diet that looks fancy on the bag or has a picture of your pet’s breed may not be the right one for them. Again, it’s best to consult with your veterinarian on which diet is perfect for them.

These tips should help point you in the right direction to avoid pet obesity. An overweight pet is not always a happy one and could be facing serious health issues. River Mill Animal Hospital wants to help your pet live a happy and healthy life, so call us today to schedule a weight and diet consult at 813-501-4985.

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