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It's Flea Season

Did you know fleas have been responsible for some of the worst disease out breaks in the world? These tiny, flightless bugs thrive in warm humid conditions and lucky for us we live in Florida where its humid and warm just about all year long. Unfortunately, fleas are a reality you cannot avoid, but you can help prevent infestations in your home and on your pet by following these helpful tips.

Preventions: There are both topical and oral preventions available for your pets. Bravecto is an example of a flavored oral chewy prevention that covers fleas and ticks for 3 months. On the other hand, if your pet does not do well with oral medications there are a variety of options. Frontline, Revolution, and Advantage are topical flea and tick preventions that are applied each month. While collars such as the Seresto are great for dogs and cats which provide 7-8 months of flea and tick coverage.

Lawn Maintenance: Wildlife, such squirrels, deer, raccoons and feral cats all carry fleas. Even if your pet is 99% indoors and on prevention, they are still at risk of exposure. You will want to have your lawn professionally or self-treated regularly with insecticides, particularly a type that kills fleas and ticks. Other ways to protect your yard is to keep out unwanted wildlife. Picking up and covering all trash containers, hanging bird feeders out of each, and not intentionally feeding stray animals.

Keep a clean house: Vacuuming helps get rid of fleas and flea eggs. Remember when disposing vacuum bags to take them outdoors after each session. If you suspect an infestation, wash bedding and toys in hot soapy water to remove eggs, larvae, and pupae. Any area your pet may have come in contact with needs to be washed and cleaned.

As summer is approaching and temperatures continue to rise it's important to get a jump start on protecting your pets, family and environment. Getting rid of pesky fleas can be a hassle, but with the right products and preventative actions, fleas will not stand a chance. For questions regarding flea prevention and control please call our office today at 813-501-4985 and one of our staff members will be happy to help pick out your product that is best for you and your pet.

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