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Adjusting to a New Baby

Helping Your Pet Adjust to a New Baby

New born babies are the most delightful bundles of joy, but your furry family member may not feel the same way. This transition into a new life with a new born is something your pet will have to adjust to as well. It may not be smooth sailing at first, but with these helpful tips from our Tampa Bay veterinarian you can help your companion make an easy transition.

  • Slow and steady. Just as we get overwhelmed, pets are no different. A few months before the delivery setup the crib, playpen, swing, and other baby items before your baby arrives. Getting use to these items first will allow your pet to deal with changes at a slower pace and not everything all at once.
  • Sound overload. Babies bring an entire new world of sounds to your pet. Everything from cries to giggles will be very different. Baby sounds can be found on This way when a hungry little one is crying at one o’clock in the morning your pet is less likely to be startled.
  • Providing peace and quiet. Before you know it, your little one will be on the move. Allow your pet a peaceful and safe place to get away and escape tail pulls and aggravation. This can be a room or gated area simply out of baby’s reach. This is something you want to do before the baby arrives, so they can become comfortable.
  • Positive reinforcement. Allow your pet to inspect the baby’s furniture, toys, or cloths. Remember these are all new smells to them. Create a positive connection with the baby and their belongings by staying calm, soft spoken and gentle. This allows your companion to feel involved rather then left out.

In conclusion, think of the first few months of pregnancy as dress rehearsal. Setting the stage for your pet to be comfortable when your newest addition comes home. Therefore, the day you introduce the baby to your pet they are fully prepared to take on this next chapter of life. If you have any questions regarding life adjustments for your pet please call our office at 813-501-4985 and our staff is more than happy to help.

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